Why Is Everyone Buying this New Crypto Coin? Learn More About ApeMax, the Hottest New Meme Coin

In recent times, the digital currency sphere has been abuzz with chatter, predominantly surrounding one particular new meme coin: ApeMax. As waves of crypto enthusiasts rally behind this novel token, many are left wondering about the driving forces behind its soaring popularity and lightning fast growing ApeMax crypto presale. This article takes a focused lens […]

Crypto Owners Can Pursue Case Against Compound DAO, Insiders

Owners of COMP digital assets can move ahead with their lawsuit claiming those who control the decentralized organization now associated with the crypto currency are effectively unregistered securities “sellers” because of their soliciting role. Even though the majority owners of the organization called Compound DAO, identified as partners in Judge William H. Orrick‘s opinion, didn’t […]

Market Navigating Choppy Waters Amid FOMC M

The ultimate direction for silver hinges on the post-meeting statement, making it a pivotal moment for investors.  Silver encountered a minor pullback during Wednesday’s trading session but subsequently exhibited signs of revival. Currently, the market finds itself sandwiched between the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average and the 200-day EMA. This positioning underscores the market’s endeavor to […]

The day that never comes

Mt. Gox’s infamous 2014 security breach — which lost 850,000 Bitcoin (BTC) of investors’ funds — resulted in its users embarking on a seemingly never-ending, decade-long pursuit of closure via funds reimbursement. Over the years, Mt. Gox has repeatedly postponed plans to reimburse the funds that the crypto exchange had barred its users from withdrawing […]

Victims of JPEX crypto ‘fraud’ rise to over 2,000 – 3 more arrests, as Hong Kong telecom firms block website

The number of alleged fraud victims linked to crypto exchange platform JPEX has risen to 2,086, as three more people are arrested. The case, which involves around HK$1.3 billion in losses, is reportedly Hong Kong’s largest financial fraud case, with some telecom firms now blocking the JPEX website – reportedly upon police request. Mobile application […]

Markets Continue to See FOMC Concerns

Any decline beyond this point could spell trouble for gold. However, at present, it appears that the prevailing momentum favors the upside. The gold market experienced a notable rally during the Tuesday trading session, successfully surpassing the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average. However, the sustainability of this upward movement remains uncertain, primarily due to the looming […]

How can I stop my son investing his inheritance in crypto?

Following my mother’s recent death, I planned to gift my 24-year-old son some of the inheritance so he can make some sensible investments. However, he’s keen to invest the money in digital assets such as crypto and believes the metaverse is the way forward. Should I be worried? Hayden Bailey, head of private client and […]

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