Elfriede Maria Sixt, D.O.B. 01.07.1965 And the Fintelegram scams


These are just some of the crimes Elfriede Maria Sixt, born 01.07.1965, has been involved in.

This individual, together with Werner Franz Bohm (aka Boehm, DOB 19.06.1964) and Alfried Dobias (D.O.B. 17.04.1962), operates a number of websites used for blackmailing people. The websites include: fintelegram.com, fintelegram.info, fintelegram.news.

Under a cover of ‘investor protection’ legitimate businesses and people are being blackmailed and the personal details of their owners and managers is being publicized along with some made up accusations.

Businesses are typically bullied (either officially, by a letter from Mrs. Sixt herself or via an anonymous e-mail) to “refund” a portion of money to its customers or just to pay a ransom in bitcoin or else a damaging report on the business and its owners will be published by the Fintelegram bunch. Some business may decide to co-operate and go along with it as they feel blackmailed. Any funds thus ‘recovered’ are than channeled into another investment scam, in this case, administered by Elfriede Sixt herself.

This is a well-known scam when people are offered to recover money from some investment or trading company, only to be coerced into investing into another one. The Internet is full of such ‘recovery’ offers. This trio took into to an entirely new level: These veterans of blackmailing are hiding behind the ‘investor protection’ screen while bulling companies and people into paying them ransom money in bitcoin.

The domain fintelegram.com is owned by FINTELEGRAM INVESTORS PROTECTION LTD

Company number 09736430https://find-and-update.company-


Werner Franz Bohm is the current Director, Alfred Dobias has resigned as a Director on 31.12.2018. The company is owned by CYBERINTELLIGENCE SERVICES PLC

Company number 12552465, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12552465/officers

Where both of these individuals are the current Directors. Prior to 25 May 2020 the “person with significant interest” in FINTELEGRAM INVESTORS PROTECTION LTD and therefore the effective owner of the fintelegram.com domain was Fintelegram Intelligence Beureu Ltd with the same individuals as Directors.

Until recently FINTELEGRAM INVESTORS PROTECTION LTD was effectively owned by Axxelerate, where Elfriede Sixt is a Director. This can be easily verified through the UK Government company registration search. Via the company owned and operated by Elfriede Sixt, -Axxelerate GMBH (previously Axxelerate Investments Ltd) they channel money of “saved’ investors to their scams.

Elfriede Sixt 01.07.1965
Address: Eichenstraße 28, 2102 Bisamberg, Austria
Phone: +43 664 4251363

The address listing in Google is marked as business called: “Crowdfundingberatung” – Crowd Funding Advice. Another words, they “advise” investors whom they pretend to have saved, to invest the money again. This time into one of their own scams. Needless to say that with cryptocurrencies being volatile by nature and hacking being a commonplace, its only a matter of time than the investors would be told that “due to unforeseen’ events the money is gone. That is precisely what they’ve done with Bitrush and another attempted bitcoin scam they tried to run in Canada. After Axxelerate Investments Limited (CEO Werner Böhm, Company was in Quebec and London registered) has failed, the company was dissolved but all Shares are handed over to Axxelerate GmbH Vienna (CEO Elfriede Sixt, owner of Mezzacap, which until recently was the company behind Fintelegram)

All three individuals have been implicated into hacking, blackmail and fraud on numerous occasions and are in fact convicted criminals:

Werner Bohm was also dismissed from his position as CEO at Bitrush due to blackmailing issue in 2016. https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/08/werner-bohm-of-bitrush-has-shares-cancelled-due-to-fraudulent-activity and a more recent one


This group is using the cover of fintelegram websites to blackmail business people by publishing their personal details together with some made up, baseless accusations. This is a cleverly conceived scam disguised as an “investor protection” service.

Under fake identities such as “Tamir Cohen”* and others, they hack and blackmail businesses by first publishing private details of people with accusation of some illegal activity and then by blackmailing them with that and demanding ransom payments in bitcoin.

This in itself is highly illegal. In Austria for example, home country of the three individuals (although Boehm Dobias claim to be residing in the UK), a simple breach of the privacy laws (section 63 ADPA) carry fines starting from EUR 50,000 and a prison sentence of one year or more, depending on the severity of the privacy violation. This is not taking into account blackmail (5 years jail, paragraph 144 of Austrian Criminal Code), hacking and other types of fraud perpetrated by these individuals.

*Tamir Cohen is a real individual, in fact wanted in the US for some kind of unrelated crime (https:// www.oig.dot.gov/wanted-fugitives?page=2), whose identity these criminals are using to publish rubbish material on innocent people. They used his real identity and cleverly manipulated information (such

as registration at some event in 2019 (He is listed as a future speaker at the Vienna, Austria Crypto Summit event on 16th April 2019: http://crypto42summit.com/. Crypto42.org is another of

their ,,companies”, and directly associated with Fintelegram) to create a visibility of trek record. The real culprits are these three:

Elfriede Sixt

Werner Boehm

Alfried Dobias, DOB 17.04.1962

All three are Austrian citizens

Sixt has an e-mail address associated with the fintelegram website [email protected] and is in fact the main Editor/Administrator of the site. Her other e-mail address is [email protected]

These bunch of scammers has a long history. Previously they have committed a stock market and other kinds of fraud. There is a persistent evidence that these group was connected to confirmed investment scams such as Caesar Trade and KontoFX, the later was specifically oriented to target German speaking investors.

If you have been scammed by these individuals or any of their companies or blackmailed through their “Investor Protection Network” scam, you are encouraged to contact relevant authorities, including the ones in Austria, where these individuals reside:

https://www.bmi.gv.at – Austrian Federal Police, Bundespolizei

https://www.data-protection-authority.gv.at/ – Austrian Data Protection Authority

Have more information about any of these companies? Send it to us.

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