Why Rocket Pool Crypto Rocketed Higher This Week


What happened

Broadly speaking, the overall cryptocurrency market has performed relatively well over the past week. Interest in various megacap tokens has propelled the sector higher, though certain lesser known tokens have taken the cake as the clear outperformers over the past week.

Rocket Pool (CRYPTO:RPL) is one such token that’s surged 9.8% over the past seven days, as of 3:45 p.m. ET. Enthusiasm around Rocket Pool appears to be tied to Ethereum’s recent Shanghai upgrade, which has allowed for staked Ethereum to be withdrawn from liquid-staking pools.

So what

Like other liquid-staking pools, such as Lido DAO, Rocket Pool allows individual investors to stake relatively small amounts of Ethereum in order to earn passive staking income. Currently, the threshold for individuals to set up a node to stake Ethereum on the Beacon Chain sits at 32 ETH. At current prices, that amounts to roughly $63,500. That’s certainly a whopping sum and has invited many Ethereum investors to consider liquid-staking solutions to pool their funds. 

Now what

It’s unclear just how long the runway for bullish momentum among Ethereum staking-related projects will run. There are certainly some risks to liquid-staking platforms, such as Rocket Pool, if and when the Ethereum team decides to reduce its staking threshold for nodes. 

That said, the fact that Rocket Pool continues to see positive-price appreciation does suggest that this momentum-driven move has legs. The extent to which we see continued upside over the coming weeks is unclear. However, this is a project I’ve put on my radar and one I think crypto investors who are intrigued by the Ethereum ecosystem should be watching.


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