ZuluTrade and YaMarkets Join Hands for an Enhanced User Expe


ZuluTrade, Finvasia group’s leading social trading platform, has teamed up with the well-regarded Forex and CFD broker, YaMarkets. This collaboration aims to set new standards of trading by tapping into the collective expertise of these two market intelligences.

In a strategic move that enhances the trader experience, YaMarkets has joined hands with ZuluTrade as a co-branded broker. This partnership introduces traders to a unique and user-friendly environment, defined by a co-branded ZuluTrade website dedicated to the broker and its valued clients. Essentially, this enables traders to open their accounts on YaMarkets’ platform, and seamlessly connect them to ZuluTrade. This smooth integration not only simplifies the process but also gives traders access to a diverse range of trading tools.

YaMarkets offers a diverse range of trading instruments, from forex and indices to commodities and cryptocurrencies. This wide selection of trading choices seamlessly aligns with ZuluTrade’s trend-setting approach to social trading, offering traders more tools to fine-tune their strategies. They get easy access to key asset types and follow the strategies of over 90,000 Leaders on ZuluTrade’s platform.

YaMarkets, known for its adept use of the widely acclaimed MT4 and MT5 platforms, joins  ZuluTrade – the all-encompassing social and copy trading platform. This partnership ensures traders get the most out of both platforms, using them together seamlessly. It’s a synergy that will optimize their trading experience.

Both ZuluTrade and YaMarkets share their commitment to trader-enhanced awareness and support. What makes this partnership truly exceptional is the fusion of YaMarkets’ dedication to comprehensive training programs and round-the-clock expert customer support with ZuluTrade’s user-centric ethos. It’s not just about technology innovation; it’s also about giving traders the information they need.

ZuluTrade’s expansive resource library featuring tutorials, market news, a blog, a knowledge base, and more makes it stand out in the world of social wealth management and trading. This partnership equips traders with the tools and information they need, all while aligning with the latest industry trends.

YaMarkets and ZuluTrade are both dedicated to being open and empowering traders. This partnership extends beyond just a powerful toolset and features. For YaMarkets clients embracing the ZuluTrade social and copy trading platform, it means elevating their trading experience.

This exciting partnership between ZuluTrade and YaMarkets is poised to reshape traders’ options. With a diverse range of financial instruments, user-focused support, and a shared commitment to transparency and empowerment, traders can look forward to a new era of possibilities in the world of trading. Visit ZuluTrade’s website for more information on this game-changing alliance.

*Trading in financial instruments involves a significant risk of loss.

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