Bias. Risk. Targets. Why. Intrigued? The weekend forex trading video.

What is the bias?

What is the risk?

What are the targets?

All of those help determine the “why” for your trades including getting in and getting out.

The first part of the video is a traders lesson.

The second part of the video starting at 9:37, goes through the major currency pairs vs the USD and outlines the bias, risks and targets for each.

  • Lesson in trading focused on bias, risk, targets, and the why in your trading.
  • EURUSD 9:40
  • USDJPY 12:45
  • GBPUSD 16:16
  • USDCHF 18:24
  • USDCAD 21:04
  • AUDUSD 23:10
  • NZDUSD 24:52

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