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Forex affiliate programs work on the same principle as any other. The advertiser registers in the CPA network and creates an offer. It is responded to by webmasters who run ads and drive traffic to the specified resource. For this, the advertiser pays a fee. An important detail is that the programs are united by one direction – the Forex trading platform.

How it works?

Forex is based on simple mechanics – you need to predict the behaviour of any assets: whether they will rise or fall against another currency. Traders take into account the factors that affect the behaviour of the currency and conduct financial transactions.

The essence of the forex trading affiliate program is to attract an active user who will register on the platform and start trading currency. Brokerage companies create such affiliate programs to increase their client base. They ask webmasters to attract the target audience – financial analysts, traders, heads of training centres, investors.

What methods exist?

There are different ways and directions in this matter:

  1. spread is the amount of remuneration for attracting a new client. A webmaster is paid for quality, not for the amount of attracted users. He will receive a reward from 10% to 50% of the amount that the attracted user deposits on the deposit. This is the basic scheme of work for an affiliate program and is most common. It is beneficial for the company to get not just another user who may not do anything after registration, but an active trader;
  1. a one-time payment is a stable reward that is affected by the offer. The advertiser pays for the attracted user who has registered and performed certain financial actions. As a rule, this is not always a lot of money;
  1. payment depending on the user’s spending. This function is similar to the previous ones, but it all depends on the amount that the trader was able to attract. It’s simple: how much the user has spent on the financial market, the more bonus money. If we talk about payments, then the amount can be from 10 to 15 percent of the trader’s funds spent;
  1. the rate per lot is a fixed reward for a certain target action: when the trader has traded one full lot. In Forex, each currency pair has its own price per lot. For example, a dollar has a standard lot (one hundred thousand dollars), a mini lot (ten thousand dollars) and a micro lot (one thousand dollars). The webmaster receives a fixed payment for a trader’s bidding for one lot.

Affiliate programs also support referral programs, when a webmaster can invite not only traders, but also partners. It turns out to be a pyramidal system of referrals. For a first level referral, you can get a reward, and when he brings more partners, you will again receive a commission


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