The Top 3 Crypto that should be on your watchlist for the week

Ever since November 2021, cryptocurrencies have been in a serious bear market, going down from three trillion dollars to one trillion. This decrease was the only consequence of high inflation and the general economic situation in the world. However, it seems that the crypto market is starting to recover, and if you are looking for the best coins to invest in this week, here are our top picks:  

  • Tamadoge – The best crypto to invest in 2022,
  • – New ecosystem that supports sustainability, 
  • Bitcoin – Always a good investment, especially for big investors.

What to Look Out for When Investing in Crypto?

Even though the crypto market is popular and well established, it is still a highly unregulated market where people can be victims of pull rugs and scammers. This is why it is crucial to know which project to invest in. It is also an unpredictable market where investors can make millions by investing small amounts of money. This is why it is crucial to know which project to invest in. When looking for crypto to invest in, you need to know how big the support of the community these projects have, what their price predictions are, and if those projects have a future.   

Tamadoge – The Best Crypto to Invest in 2022

Tamadoge is a new meme coin with actual token utilization. Unlike other meme coins, Tamadoge has a strong use case and a highly defamatory design. TAMA is a coin you use in the Tamadoge game, where users can grow, battle, and breed their virtual NFT pets. The coin had a successful presale where nearly $19 million was raised. 

Currently, the coin is available on OKX and OKX DEX, and the price is $0.03. The prognosis for this meme coin is good, and experts expect this coin to rise 10x or even 50x by the end of 2023.

According to the road map of the Tamadoge project, 5% of all used coins will be burned each month, and 65% of the remaining used coins will be distributed to the players who have the most Dogepoints. The project has a strong use case and the support of the community, so if you are looking for the best coin to invest TAMA should be your first pick.   

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