TraderEdge Lets Users Backtest Indicators and Strategies for More Effective Trading


TraderEdge knows the importance of backtesting indicators and strategies in the foreign exchange trading market. The company offers software to make forex trading more efficient.

TraderEdge produces software that efficiently helps users backtest indicators and strategies for forex trading. With results up to three times faster than using spreadsheets, TraderEdge makes backtesting easier than ever. Backtesting allows traders to assess the viability of a strategy using historical data, ensuring they can move forward with confidence and realistic expectations. 

“For each backtest, get data related to important metrics like profit factor, average winning and losing trades, as well as an ‘EdgeScore’ that grades the worth of your backtest,” TraderEdge creators said. 

Traders can tailor their strategies to suit their preferences and goal using the EdgeScore data. The higher the backtest score, the more valuable the strategy. TraderEdge software also provides live comments, giving users insights on how they can improve their strategy and where they should focus attention in the future.

Gaining an edge

The TraderEdge software includes a built-in profit and loss calendar/trade journal. Users can track and analyze their weekly and monthly performance, giving them an edge over the competition.

“Traders can use our backtester to input all of their trades as they backtest,” TraderEdge representatives said. “Its intuitive interface lets them record every single trade and save time since they don’t have to write them down in a separate spreadsheet.”

Build a strategy library

TraderEdge software lets users build a strategy library where they can easily store and save all their accumulated backtesting data. Users can organize their strategy libraries however they like, using it as a convenient way to keep track of their results in one place. 


TraderEdge gives traders an edge over the competition by helping them make informed decisions about their strategies and indicators. With built-in tools to make trading easier and more efficient, the software makes tracking and analyzing forex trading data simple. Visit the TraderEdge website to learn more about the importance of backtesting strategies and indicators. 

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