announces the launch of additional five crypto coins to app

[ad_1] announced the launch of an additional five coins to the app. With the additional coins Yellow Card now provides a wider-range of cryptocurrencies for their customers. Allowing customers to view and trade over seven digital assets including: Bitcoin, BTC, Tether, USDT, Ethereum, ETH, USD Coin, USDC, Cardano, ADA, Solana, SOL and Celo Dollar, cUSD.

In the last few years, Yellow Card has provided innovative financial solutions to many Africans across the continent. The fintech company most recently launched its new innovative payment feature across the continent. Now with the launch of the new coins, customers will be able to enhance their experience on the app with the ability to diversify their crypto portfolios and take advantage of a number of market opportunities.

The addition of the new coins is the company’s response to address customers’ demands for more coins to trade across Africa. Yellow Card continues to stand strong as the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange on the continent, with a presence in 16 African countries., and will continue along its mission to make cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone everywhere on the African continent.

Sarah Paterson, Director of Design and User Experience at Yellow Card says customers can expect to see more coins added regularly onto the platform the company aims to ensure customer satisfaction.

There are many benefits to having various coins on the platform – customers have the liberty to buy and sell, trade a variety of digital assets through the app, it provides a seamless way for customers to keep track of their entire portfolio, it provides an opportunity to learn about particular coin market stats and customers can monitor coin prices with ease.

“We are committed to continuously developing and advancing our product in order to provide customers with the most comprehensive and progressive experience possible. The addition of the coins to our app is the first of many new features that Yellow Card will launch this year,” said Chris Maurice, CEO and co-founder of Yellow Card.

“Our customers wanted to trade a wider variety of digital assets on our platform as opposed to being limited by the few number coins we had available on the platform at the time. As a company, we are constantly taking deliberate steps to scale our business which means expanding our offering in various indices to drive adoption and usage,” said Ogochukwu Umeokafor, Director of Product Management at Yellow Card.

“We are constantly checking in with our customers and asking them what they want. When choosing what coins we feature next, we survey our customers to get their insights, as well as look into trends of what coins are trending within the industry. One of our core values is “data-driven” as we like to let the data do the talking when it comes to new features we release, she said.”

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