Money-Laundering Adventures: Gil and Sharon Malka – father and son team

Father and son duo, Gil and Sharon Malka from Israel, specialize in money laundering, creating and servicing forex scam brokers.
Gil Malka has been instrumental in laundering money from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries for at least 20 years. Customers in those countries are getting scammed into supposedly “safe” forex investments by various operators working out of Israel. Money gets collected by various middlemen and Gil Malka pays cash to the brokers locally. The fees for such service normally range between 18-25%.
Sharon Malka, a self-styled Head of Sales at Wise Payments, a company supposedly providing payment solutions for forex companies ( [email protected], + 972542222593, [email protected]) Is in fact specializing in creating and servicing offshore forex scams. These are just a few created and/or administered through his involvement:
K-strong Lion
Starrin Corp
Matrix Media
Etihad Holdings
Top tech solutions
Typically such company would be provided with a postal address, such as this one (actually used by some of these brokers): *Slatina District, Geo Milev, Shipchenski prohod Blvd,office 5, Sofia, Bulgaria. Sharon, with a help of some Bulgarian or Israeli lawyer (one such example would be Itay Korach from Porat and Co lawyers,, who would happily set up an offshore company with a fake director/owner for some investment scam operator), would then set up a company for then and a bank account. Most of these companies don’t even bother to get an investment kid of license, because there are no investments offered – customers are expected to lose anyway. The structure is only necessary to move the money.
More to come…

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